Project structure

In order to achieve its objectives and goals WOOD-TECH is designed in four work packages:

Work package 1: Bilateral Workshop in Tomsk

Within work package 1 an expert workshop at Tomsk Polytechnic University will be prepared and held in November 2010. This task comprises the organization of scientific talks, presentations and panel discussions and a detailed overview over relevant funding programs as well as site visits to various locations in the Tomsk Oblast. The Russian partners will support the organization of the workshop with local capacities.

Work package 2: Initial roadmap planning

In work package 2 the workshop results will be summarized and concluded. The descriptions for possible cooperation projects will be refined and research topics will be selected. As a consequence a roadmap including future collaborative research projects as well as funding opportunities will be drawn.

Work package 3: Study trip to Germany

In work package 3 a trip of Russian researchers to Germany will be organized in early 2011 to strengthen the contacts, identify cooperation opportunities and visit local facilities and potential project partners.

Work package 4: Advanced roadmap planning

Within work package 4 a final report will be drawn up including a roadmap for further cooperation activities and joint proposals for projects to be funded by various funding organizations.