Presentations (*.pdf)

>> A.S. Miagkov: Future ecological technologies based on the production of the improved biogas

>> Dr. Ludger Eltrop: Potentials and innovative technology options for the sustainable use of biomass and wood resources

>> Dr. Elena Angelova: Integrated approaches for biomass utilization

>> R.N.Tabakaev: The possibility of using peat of Tomsk region in the energy sector

>> Andreas Hahn: Sustainable land use through financially driven optimization approaches under uncertainty

>> Prof.G.V. Kuznetsov, M. Polisonkram: Influence of the thermal exposure conditions on the composition of the wood biomass pyrolysis products

>> Dr. Andrea Spangenberg: Research and Development projects in biotechnology

>> A.V. Kazakov: Influence of the thermal exposure conditions on the composition on the wood biomass pyrolysis products

>> Stephan Piotrowski: Material use of wood - products, competition and macroeconomic effects

>> Stefan Diederichs: Advantages of material cascade chains in the wood processing industry

>> M.V. Alekseev, Prof. G.V. Kuznetsov: Modern of wood drying technologies being developed in the TPU

>> Bernhard Wern: Implementation of bio-energy projects- a holistic challenge

>> Prof. A.B. Levin: Resource Woody Biomass and Prospects of its use for Energy Production in the Russian Federation and for Export

>> Maria Ewa Stenull: Life Cycle Assessment of Bio-energy Systems

>> Reinhold Erlbeck: Sustainable Energy from Wood – an Example for the fields of Activity of CARMEN

>> Prof. A.P. Sinitsin: Highly efficient cellulases as a key factor for lignocellulosic biomass conversion into bio-fuel and bio-refinery

>> Peter Palinkas: EU-Russia Energy Dialogue with remarks on EU- Energy Policy and the European Investment Bank (EIB)

>> Dr. Andrea Spangenberg: WOOD-TECH - Bavarian Project Partners